I wish to be blessed

I wish to be blessed with a deluge,

but only silence lingers afoot.

I leave this cursed oasis for refuge,

of which my heart remains in pursuit.


09/03/18 For You

How time flies.

Today marks exactly one and a half years since you cruelly forced me to shelve away my feelings for you. Your sweet words gave me a sense of loving and being loved, till you shattered that dream, unaware of what you had done.

Still I find myself loving you, unconditionally. My wings are clipped; a bird that can fly, but never too far from you. You know as well as I do that I could never turn against you, and you use that to your advantage. What am I to you? Why did you come back to me?

You tell me that I am more important, that you care. Once more, your words fill my thoughts, their fragrance a sweeter offering than before.

Frankincense, or honey? Which are your words coated in?